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Ballooning FAQs

How high do we fly?

Sometimes we fly at tree top altitude and other times we fly much higher, sometimes up to 3,000 feet or higher.


Is it windy in the balloon?

Because we are flying at the same speed as the wind, you will not experience the sensation of wind while in the balloon. Theoretically, you could hold a lit candle while in the basket and the flame would not go out.


Is it cold in the balloon?

The temperature in the basket is basically the same as when you're on the ground. The temperature difference is about 3½°F cooler for every 1,000 feet.


When do we fly?

We fly at sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset. Balloons do not fly in rain, fog, snow or wind above 6 mph. These and many other conditions can affect the decision to fly or not to fly and are considered to ensure a safe flight for all. This decision will be made by the pilot and will be considered final.


What if we get bad weather?

Before each flight, the pilot calls flight service for a full weather briefing. This enables him to very carefully determine any weather patterns that could be dangerous. Flights have been cancelled due to fog or fast-moving storms.


Where do we land?

e land in fields, yards, farms, parking lots, and sometimes a driveway or two. Every effort is made to secure landowner permission prior to landing.


How do we get back to the launch field?

A recovery vehicle with the trailer will always follow the balloon during the flight. The crew will help to pack the balloon up and will accompany the pilot, crew and passengers back to the launch site.


Can I bring a camera?

YES! Bring your camera and camcorder!!


How can I learn to fly a balloon?

Call us at 814.234.5986. Our pilot is an FAA-certified and licensed balloon instructor.


Can I buy one of the glasses you use for the champagne toast?

We do have champagne glasses, etched with a hot air balloon, for sale. We also sell t-shirts.